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Finding Your Purpose and Succeeding

Maybe you have lost yourself in the process of living, ever searching for yourself, once again.  You may not even know, nor can quite pinpoint the time that you went missing in action.  I mean you are still here physically speaking, but your spirit somehow flew away and left you.  You may be feeling bogged down and trapped within the life you are now leading.  Purpose may have diminished followed by the drive to accomplish anything worth noting.  The term success may not even appear anymore in your own personal library or vocabulary of beliefs, as you may think it would be near impossible to achieve anymore.

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Endurance...The Staying Power Through Adversity of Injury

 Injuries, depending on the type, location, and severity of impact, can really have a life altering effect on everything you do from here on out.  Some heal with a designated time frame, others do not.  Some injuries are more painful than others, for a shorter duration of time; other types offer life-long challenges, such as limited movements of mobility or even possible physical and mental capabilities that are now altered, where modifications will need to come into play.  Either way, an injury ultimately will challenge you on every level....your activities of daily living, possible work abilities, finances, relationship strains, etc......To get through this sudden trial in your life, you may need to think outside of the box.

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