Muscle & Moxie

Would you like a renewed sense of an exciting "pep" in your step?

Perhaps a little more "vigor" or "persistent determination" to help us to not only endure but to persevere?

Sometimes we need that "courage", that "resolve" to just keep going and do the seemingly impossible!

This is a new & exciting line made with understanding and love to help you get your "Moxie" on as you exercise your "Muscle" in all that you do!

Here at "Hey it's a Brain Thing" we understand adversity, challenges, and many difficulties that life can throw at us, too often becoming stumbling blocks on our paths to where we are headed in life.  We've both experienced and also helped others benefit from a little inspiration & motivation to shine some uplifting & encouraging light and help bring to pass whatever goal we may be desiring.

We all can benefit from some form of physical exercise, whether mild to advanced & we all can use encouragement, support, and unique ways to help achieve our health, fitness & even mental goals to compliment healthy lifestyles...even if you are only just beginning. 

Our Brains & Brawn...Our Muscle & Moxie are each Beautifully Unique to each of us!  Let us help uplift you to help you achieve your goals & feel successful.

This section will be growing considerably so check back often & see what's new & helpful for you and your loved ones.