Brain Stress Ball pink ink

Brain Stress Ball pink ink

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Have you been stressed lately? Is someone you know dealing with stress? Having a brain related response in the body can cause a great deal of stress, especially if you have a Traumatic Brain Injury, are dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome or anything else that affects or injures the delicate brain.

Add to that the times we are living in, experiencing a worldwide pandemic, quarantines, financial difficulties and not being able to see or spend time with loved ones only increases our stress levels and response.

Wouldn't you love to just squeeze something to get some relief? Well now you can squeeze these  Brain Stress Balls till your heart's content and find some satisfaction, as you hold up your brain ball to show others..."Hey, it's a brain thing"!

  • Brain Stress Reliever
  • Brain Stress Relievers are perfect for anyone who can relate to brain stress and is also ideal for caregivers, support groups, hospitals and health care providers, even tutoring facilities!
  • ***Due to the pink ink being a little darker on this specific brain stress ball, the price is less*** but the quality is the same